Freakflag is not a term I chose for myself, but a term my clients chose for my work.... more specifically, their motives for choosing me.

I'm an Austin native, raised by two artists. I am skilled in the following mediums: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, collage, digital art and the various cosplay arts. I went to a local hippie high school called Griffin, my graduating class had a total of 8 people in it. I remember Liberty Lunch, La Zona Rosa, the original Austin Music Hall. I remember my underage friends playing at the original Emo's on Red River and at the Hideout. I've been going to Elysium since I was in high school and now I moonlight as a DJ there. 
Basically, I have more alternative Austin street cred in my little finger than 70% of the stylists in town (generous arbitrary statistic).

Yes, I do specialize in vivid fantasy color, unusual custom shades, strange haircuts, shaved hair designs, etc... But that doesn't mean I can’t do subtlety or something otherwise "normal" or "corporate friendly". Maybe you just want a bob or some highlights or baby bangs, maybe that's your freakflag. That's okay, there's a freakflag spectrum and it doesn't always have to be on the extreme end.

In this instance, freakflag means an unusual request other stylists just cant seem to get. I make a living by being good at making people happy. Making you look extreme would not be in my best interest if its not what you want. Freakflag is more of a metaphor for listening to unusual requests than it is about making you crazy-looking... although I will happily do that, too.

☺ ♥