Halloween Season

Halloween Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Halloween, she is my most favorite season. I’d gladly count the ways in which I love her but this post would be far too long.

One FAQ I get is
“When do you start planning your Halloween costume?”

Honestly, November 1st just like in The Nightmare Before Christmas. But realistically I will probably solidify my plans sometime at the beginning of summer, especially if I need to craft something for it myself. Halloween crafting gets me through the hottest dog days of summer.

But for most people, if you can’t be inspired early like me, I would recommend thinking about it now. The end of September and early October is really the best time to put your costume together, because you still have time to gather backup pieces without being hurried or stressed.

One year I worked at Lucy in Disguise, the busiest most chaotic time for the store was the two weeks leading up to Halloween and the day of. We would get people coming in October 28th angry at us for not having a particular popular costume (like The Flintstones or whatever movie came out that year) available to rent, and we would have to explain “We have four sets of that costume but they’ve all been rented already, you’re just too late.”

So my professional advice is if you’re going to rent or buy from local costume sources, JUMP ON IT NOW! Don’t wait until mid October because that’s exactly when everyone else is scrambling to get their costumes together.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, if Halloween is on a weekday like it is this year, traditionally Austin nightlife celebrates the weekend before. So prepare for Halloween events on Friday October 26th & Saturday October 27th.

Now, regarding hair, are you going to be styling your own hair for Halloween this year? If so, please start booking those cut and color appointments with me now. I do a lot of events for Halloween and traditionally take off the two Saturdays leading up to it because I’m involved in several events and my own costumes can be very time consuming. So if you need a Saturday appointment, the latest I can do is October 13th.

If you are going use a wig for Halloween, I will happily cut & style your wig for you! I highly recommend the selection of wigs at Epic Cosplay. They are reasonably priced and heat resistant synthetic hair. If you need my assistance cutting a wig for your costume, book a short haircut for a big change or an invisible haircut for just bangs, face frame, or a small trim. However, please let me know we are doing a wig haircut because I’ll need to bring in my wig shears (I can’t use the same ones I use for human hair because it will dull the blade).

Another Halloween FAQ I get is people asking me to fingerwave their hair. I highly recommend buying a wig for this. Compared to paying me to do it to your actual hair, a wig is so much easier and cost effective, not to mention your hairstyle won’t melt if it rains!

Basic flapper wigs can be found at Lucy in Disguise or Amazon, but if you’re looking for something more stylish, I love my fingerwaved wigs by Penny Wigs. They also have a great selection of wigs in general, with some very specific characters (this is where I got my Delirium wig). If you get anything, please let her know I sent you! I love giving shoutouts to my fellow artists.

Hair aside, I am a great resource for helping you pull a costume together, so don’t hesitate to ask! You can email me or ask in person during your next appointment.

One of the sites I highly recommended for costume or clubwear is Coquetry Clothing. They are great for mermaid looks and Morticia dresses, as well as amazing everyday bits and pieces.

Finally, here are some links to my Pinterest boards on some of my favorite classic Halloween costume subjects, as well as very specific costumes I’ve done before such as Whitewalker Daenerys. Enjoy!

Vampires general
Vampires regal
Ghostly vibes
Dapper Flappers
Whitewalker Daeny
80s vibes
Antoinette Coquette
Cracked Doll
Costuming general

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