Faby's First Flog

Hello, welcome to the Freakflag blog - aka - the Flog

Because Freakflag is all about attitude, let's start with hard-hitting, controversial topic... 

Leggings ARE pants. 

The only reason people ever a problem with leggings as pants are the unfortunate photographic examples where you can see through them. I argue that those examples are in fact tights, or such poor quality leggings that they are as see-through as tights. 

Tights and hosiery are not leggings or pants. If jeggings are pants, then any type of opaque fabric leg wrappings is also pants, dammit! 

phew, glad we got that cleared up. 

Stay tuned for more musings on hair, fashion, makeup, cosplay, ATX goth life, etc! 

World Goth Day: Why Can't I Be You?

World Goth Day: Why Can't I Be You?